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A Steal of a Deal - Bid on a Awesome Book Package!

So today's Bria GH Auction Items have gone live and there is one that I really wanted to highlight for Cheeky Readers followers:

A book package from author Leslie Dicken - Either Print or EPub
OPEN: 2:30pm

CLOSE: 4:30pm

Leslie Dicken has offered up her three books – A Tarnished Heart, Beauty Tempts the Beast, and The Price of Discovery — for auction, as well as a lovely heart pendant.
Here's what I've previously said about Leslie's book Beauty Tempts the Beast right here on Cheeky Reads:

I read Beauty Tempts the Beast in one sitting and really loved it. In fact, when I went to draft the questions for this interview I found myself completely re-reading the story - less than a month later! If you are a historical romance fan I cannot recommend this book enough. On the Cheeky Reads scale I give it a 4 Heart Review - It really is a fantastic read! -- Cheeky Girl Sabrina
You can go bid on Leslie's package by clicking here!

Amazing Auctions Ahoy!

I met the lovely and amazing writer Bria Quinlan at RWA Nationals last year and was super excited when she was nominated for the Golden Heart this year! Unfortunately Bria can't afford to pay for it this year so Bria's GH Auction was born!

Read all about Bria and check out the auction items by clicking here. Today's items go live at 2:30pm EST. Some items yesterday went super cheap!

There are some pretty awesome things there - from Critiques for writers, books for readers, pretty awesome looking steampunk jewelry and more! Please stop by and consider bidding to help a writer not miss her possible big award day! :) *crossing fingers*

Cheeky Girl Sabrina

Operation Auction 2011 Is In Full Swing!

Some of you might remember when I posted this a few weeks ago:

Fellow Book Blogger Fatin lost her husband this past week to senseless violence. Her blog, RR@H Novel Thoughts & Book Talk are helping to organize an auction to help her and her four daughters. Here is the post from that site with all the current information. I will post any updates I find out about.

From RR@H Novel Thoughts & Book Talk:
Fatin has been an integral part of the romance community for years – she owns and runs this blog, is an administrator of the WriteMinded loop, an author assistant and a tireless advocate for romance novels. She is also a friend to many in this community. On Tuesday, March 8th, she lost her husband in a senseless act of violence, leaving her alone with four children. You can read more about the tragedy here:

Operation Auction is now fully live and bids are being placed left and right on Ebay! There is amazing stuff to be found for both readers and writers and I really do hope you'll take the time to give it a look and see if there is something there for you.

Please remember that this is for a very important cause so go bid! Click here to go to the entire Operation Auction store.