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Happy Holidays Everyone!

Happy Holidays & here's to hoping you all get great books or gift cards under your tree! Be safe and spend time with those you love.

CheekyGirl Sabrina

A FREE Christmas Story Download!

Author Emily March has a FREE Christmas story download that introduces her new Eternity Springs, Colorado town - the setting of her new series.

From Emily:
"I loved the Callahans sense of humor, their strong sense of family, and their deep love for one another and the women in their lives. I've carried those same values to Eternity Springs. So, pour a glass of eggnog and cuddle up with A CALLAHAN CAROL. May it bring that special warmth of Christmas Spirit into your hearts this holiday season."

Click on the image below to head over to the page for the FREE download.

Happy Reading and Happy Holidays!

Monday Morning Cuteness!

funny pictures of cats with captions
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Check Out The Fool's Gold Holiday Wishes Magazine

In one of the most creative and fun promos I've seen, author Susan Mallery has created an awesome holiday edition of a magazine centered around her newest series Fool's Gold. Not only is her Fool's Gold website one of the smartest and best ways I've ever come across an author connecting with readers (and getting them REALLY into a series), I always find that Susan is ahead of the pack with social media and online marketing so that she is constantly touching base and connecting with her readers.
That's why I was happy to share her Fool's Gold Holiday Wishes Magazine with you. You'll find cute articles about characters, fun ads for both Fool's Gold and real romance websites as well as fun drink and cookie recipes.

It's not too long, so take a minute for some holiday fun! Happy Holidays!

Apple iPad Affiliate Opportunity

So, this got passed along to me from a friend and as far as I can tell it's legit. Seems like this company really understands online and social media! So, if you are interested check it out. :)

No More Rack just launched a a 48 hour promo where if you "refer" 400 friends, they will send you an ipad by Christmas. The lowest prize you can get is a shuffle for only 35 friends.

How does it work? Sign up here (affiliate link)

You'll get a free $10 credit to spend on whatever you want. There are Women's Buffalo Jeans (re $99) right now for only $20. Shipping is a flat rate of $2 so you can get them for only $12 shipped with your credit.

Anyway, getting back to the iPad. Go to the "invite friends" tab to get your referral link and post it to your blog. Your "friends" only need to enter an email address to sign up. That's it! They will get a $10 credit and you'll be 1 referral closer to an iPad for Christmas!

Here are the details:
When you hit your friend target, email us with your shipping address and the Apple products you qualify for at We will have your Apple products delivered to your doorstep before Christmas!

There's no limit on the number of Apple products you can earn, so refer all the friends you like!

You can substitute an item for the equivalent of another in quantity. For example, if you refer 100 friends you can choose between an iPod Nano or 3 iPod Shuffles!

Act fast! Only friends referred between December 14th noon EST and December 16th noon EST (48 hours) will count towards this promotion!

- Friend registration must be a valid email address and cannot be fraudulently generated.
- If your friends were fraudulently generated, you will be disqualified from this promotion.
- No duplicated email addresses are allowed.
- Registered users cannot register again with a different email address.
- Only friends who register between December 14th noon EST and December 16th noon EST (48 hours) count towards this promotion.