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It's DABWAHA Nomination Time!

Every year as March approaches I get more and more excited...not for March Madness, but for DABWAHA the Romance Book World's bracket madness eviqavlent!

The insanely awesome brainchild of Sarah from Smart Bitches Trashy Books and Jane from Dear Author, the DABWAHA is the romance readers ultimate battle of the books.

Basically, it's a line up of the best romance books for the past year based on different categories and you create a bracket of who you think will win in each round.

Check out all the details at the DAWAHA site and play along with us!

It Is On People! DABWAHA Voting is now open!

Every year Dear Author and Smart Bitches, Trashy Books host the DABWAHA - the most awesome Romancelandia contest ever. Seriously, I look forward to this event every year, even if I do usually go down in flames. :)

This year is looking to be no different as a book I have going in a few rounds is dying a early death. So...

I'm totally pandering for your votes! I need you to help me keep The Summer of You by Kate Noble in this thing.

Now, if you help me do that I will do a giveaway here on Cheeky Reads. That's right, if The Summer of You makes it to round two then I'll host a giveaway here tomorrow!

Check out all the details about the DABWAH here.