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Smart Bitches Live Chat Today!

I received this awesome news from Sourcebooks, the publisher of Everything I Know About Love I Learned From Romance Novels:

This Thursday, October 6, you can chat with Sarah Wendell, author of Everything I Know About Love I Learned from Romance Novels on the Sony eReader Facebook Page: The chat will begin at 3:30 pm EST and last about an hour.

Sarah will be chatting about her new book, Everything I Know About Love I Learned from Romance Novels, in stores this month! Come with your questions about romance fiction, relationships, or anything you’ve always wanted to ask Sarah. 

For more information, you can follow us on Twitter:

Danielle @SourcebooksCasa
Sarah @SmartBitches
Sony @SonyReaderStore

And check out the Sony Facebook Page, Sarah’s page and the Everything I Know About Love… page

Seriously Romance Peeps - I'm sure this is going to be a hilarious and fun chat with Sarah! Be sure to join in. :)

Happy Chatting!
Cheeky Girl Sabrina

And it's on like Donkey Kong!

It's that time...DABWAHA is here!

What the hell is DABWAHA? It's just an insanely fun and awesome round of March Madness Romance Style! Put on my the ladies at Smart Bitches Trashy Books and Dear Author, you can bet your ass it's full of awesome.

Here's the details directly from the website:
"For newcomers, the DA BWAHA is a tournament of books where we put up a field of 64 books and you vote until there is one book, one champion. The contest is twofold. First, you must fill out a bracket identifying which book will win each round. Then you vote."

For even more info, and to take a look at the kick-ass prizes (iPAD anyone?) head over to the website at Just hurry becuase your bracket needs to be turned in tomorrow before 8pm!

Harlequin Happenings: A Smart Bitch Review and Presents Giveaway!

As one of the Test Drivers of a Sony Reader for Smart Bitches Trashy Books, I also received a gift certificate from Harlequin for eBooks with the agreement that I would review one for SBTB. Of course this was no say free Harlequins and I say where do you want the review sent!

Yesterday, Smart Bitches featured my review of Make Me Yours by Betina Krahn. If you didn't already, head over and check it out and let me know what you think. Here's the link.

In other Harlequin news, I received 4 copies of Lynne Graham's The Italian's Inexperienced Mistress, a Harlequin Presents title, to give away to some lucky readers!

How to win? Just leave me a comment telling me if you have a favorite Harlequin line, author or book on this post (we love recommendations!), or comment on any post from this week. Every comment enters to win, but please only one comment per post. I'll randomly select comments to win on Tuesday Sept. 8th. Good Luck and Happy Reading!

Smart Bitches Sony Rest Drive

The Sony Reader test drive over at Smart Bitches Trashy Books in in full swing! I'm head over heels for my 505, and fellow test driver Billie is adoring her 700.

Check out the hilarious first review from Billie over at Smart Bitches.

If you are even considering the pros and cons on an ereader, you should follow these reviews. We're a random group of reviewers giving you our honest ups and downs with the Sony. You're sure to find a reviewer who has your reading habits and opinions on print versus ebooks, and that should be helpful in deciding if an ereader is right for you.

Happy Reading!
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Those Smart Bitches Rule! Commencing Sony Reader Test Drive

The super-supreme Smart Bitches over at Smart Bitches Trashy Books ran a contest for the opportunity to test drive a Sony Reader...and they selected yours truly! I'm insanely excited to test drive an ereader and can't thank The Bitches, Sony and Harlequin enough!

The Reader arrived this weekend and I'm getting it all set up this morning. Is it okay that I squealed like a teenager reading Teen Beat when I opened the box? So far, I love how slim it is, and the case is magnetic so that it keeps the flaps closed to protect the Reader. So sleek it makes me feel all uptown girl-ish.

So, look for upcoming posts on my experience with the Sony Reader and ebook reviews!


Those Smart Bitches are fantastic and they have one incredibly hilarious post today! If you are looking for some cheap Friday fun to get your weekend started, you must head on over there immediately and check out "Crimes Against Photoshop."