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The winner of a copy of the uber-fantastic The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers by Angie Fox is Kimmad!

The winner of an awesome Kiss My Asphalt T-Shirt from Angie is Jrobe10689.
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Winners of Hounding the Pavement Giveaway

The winners of a signed copy of Hounding the Pavement by Judi McCoy, which earned a 5 Heart Review here at Cheeky Reads are:

DeniseJo and LisaM

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REVIEW: In Over Her Head by Judi Fennell

In Over Her Head
by Judi Fennell
Sourcebooks Casablanca
Available in June
3 Heart Review

He lives under the sea

Reel Tritone is the rebellious royal second son of the ruler of a vast undersea kingdom. A Merman born with legs instead of a tail, he's always been fascinated by humans, especially one young woman he once saw swimming near his family's reef...

She's terrified of the Ocean

Ever since the day she swam out too far and heard voices in the water, marina owner Erika Peek won't go swimming for anything – until she's forced into the water by a shady ex-boyfriend searching for stolen diamonds and is nearly eaten by a shark. Luckily Reel is nearby to save her, and he discovers she's the woman he's been searching for...

Before she knows it, Erica is off with Reel on a series of wild underwater adventures to retrieve stolen treasure, battle the mother of all sea monsters, and defy a death edit from the kingdom's high council. But even if they get out of their madcap mission alive, how will they find a way to stay together when she hates the water and he can't survive on land?
As a debut novel, Judi Fennell's In Over Her Head was a refreshing read with great dialogue and a hero I would consider worth losing your legs for. It's fun and imaginative with plenty of sexual sparks igniting even under the sea. If you're looking for a fun summer read, take In Over Her Head with you to the beach and see if you aren't tempted to wade a little further out to search for your very own merman!

Did you love the story of The Little Mermaid? If so, this is the perfect grown-up romance for you! Judi's undersea world is a delight, and her sidekick characters add the perfect touch of comic relief. I especially enjoyed sidekicks Chum and Ernie the pelican and their suggestive one-liners. The mythology is highly creative, and you'll find the bit about dolphins to be particularly inventive.

My one issue with this book would have been for “The Incident” to have had more substance. Judi plays up this event as being such a huge hindrance to Ericka and a major hurtle to her loving Reel, but when the full details are revealed later in the book I honestly felt a little let down. It's a testament to the outstanding dialogue and engaging characters Judi created that this didn't ruin the story for me. In fact, would easily have been a 4 Heart Review! I can't wait to read the rest of Judi's series since I expect she'll just get better and better! Check out her upcoming books here.

If you are looking for a fun, quirky paranormal with steamy love scenes and wise cracking sidekicks then this is a good bet for you. See you at the beach!

10 Cheeky Questions with Author Angie Fox & An Awesome Giveaway!

Today I'm so pleased to post a Q&A with New York Times bestselling author Angie Fox here at Cheeky Reads! Angie graciously agreed to answer some questions for us about her latest release, The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers and if you haven't read about how much I loved this book, check out my review here.

So without further ado...10 Questions with Angie Fox!

Did you know when you were writing the Accidental Demon Slayer that this would be a series?
I did write it as the start of a series simply because I enjoy reading series books so much. It’s fun to get to know characters over the course of several books, and to watch them grow and change. There is so much I can do with the biker witches, with Lizzie’s demon slayer education and with the complex relationship she’s developing with Dimitri.

What inspired the idea of Lizzie writing a manual for other slayers?
It just seemed like a very “Lizzie” thing to do. She’s all about planning and figuring things out. It’s what makes her so much fun to write as she learns she’s a demon slayer and has to master her powers. Lizzie isn’t the type that enjoys messing up and she’s certainly not going to make the same mistake twice. She’s going to figure out everything about demon slaying if it’s the last thing she does (and at times, she wonders if it may very well be the last thing she does).

Can you give us a few more sex scenes in the next book because we love them!
Well…okay! This next book is actually turning out to be pretty hot. It takes place in and around Dimitri’s home in Greece. It’s kind of like a gothic Pemberly and it’s just the perfect setting for intrigue, discoveries and romance.

Do you foresee ever writing another male into the picture to tempt Lizzie?
Hmm…it’s possible. You’re giving me an idea here…

What's the most common comment you get from fans at signings and online?
Lots of people tell me that if their dog could talk, he’d say the kinds of things Pirate says.

How did the character of Pirate come about?
I hadn’t planned on Pirate when I began the book, but in the second chapter, when Lizzie learns she’s a demon slayer and all hell is after her. She takes comfort in her dog. As I was writing, I thought, ‘This is a sweet moment. Now how do I throw her off?’ Simple. I made Pirate say something to her. Nothing big. After all, he’s only after the fettuccine from last week. And he knows exactly where my heroine can find it (back of the fridge, to the left of the lettuce crisper, behind the mustard). It amused me, so I did it. Thanks to her unholy powers, Lizzie can understand her smart-mouthed Jack Russell Terrier. Pirate ended up being so much fun that he’s a main character in the books.

What three words would you use to describe your series?
Unexpected, funny, dramatic

Who's your favorite character to write scenes for?
Lizzie, because she’s always in the middle of the action and Pirate because his dialogue is a blast to write. Plus, he’s so present in his world. No matter how crazy things get, Pirate can see the best in the situation and adapt.

Can you give us a hint of what's to come in book three?
Book 3 will be called A Tale of Two Demon Slayers. In it, Lizzie and the gang travel to Greece where they learn more about Dimitri’s family and a threat that could destroy them all. I’m having a ball with it because it’s so much fun to explore Dimitri’s home, his griffin heritage and his juicy past.

Where did the idea for Grandma's “Kiss My Asphalt” shirt come from? She wears the best shirts!
It popped into my head as I was writing the first scene of The Accidental Demon Slayer. It just seemed like something Grandma would wear. Then a blogger started making the shirts and I thought, hey, it would be fun to make some of my own as well. I described to an artist how I’d always pictured the shirt in my head and he designed it for me.

Thanks Angie and I can't wait for the release of A Tale of Two Demons!

Being a fantastic Cheeky Girl, Angie has put one of her freakin' awesome "Kiss My Asphalt" T-shirts up for grabs! I'll be giving away a copy of The Dangerous Book For Demon Slayers. Just take Angie's Biker Witch Name quiz and come back and tell us your new name! We'll pick two winners randomly from the comments and announce the lucky readers on Saturday.

So what's my Biker Witch Name? Well, Easy Edna No Pants of course! LOL!

REVIEW: Hounding The Pavement by Judi McCoy - Win a Signed Copy!

Hounding The Pavement
By Judi McCoy
5 Heart Review

Ellie Engleman, the newest dog walker on Manhattan's swanky Upper East Side, has a talent – besides scooping poop. She can hear what her canine clientele are thinking. So when an owner is killed, Ellie must perk up her ears and bone up on her sleuthing....

Ditching her dog-eat-dog career and cur of a husband, Ellie happily trades her power suits for a panty-hose free wardrobe and her dream job. And she couldn't be happier – unless of course, Mr. Right shows up at her door with a pint of Haagen-Dazs.

But when she stumbles upon a dead client, Ellie becomes a suspect in an investigation led by smoking-hot, if cocky, Detective Ryder. Ellie wouldn't exactly mind staying in his custody – if it meant sticking close by him 24-7 – but she worries about the deceased's missing prizewinning bichon. Did someone steal him? If only she could find the dog, he'd tell her who the culprit is. But a killer wants Ellie to let sleeping dogs lie...or else.
I'm a huge fan of Judi McCoy's Goddess Series and was delighted to hear she was trying a new mystery series – particularly one with a heroine who can talk to dogs! Hounding the Pavement is an excellent mystery wrapped in humor, with wit and a steamy romance! One thing is for sure, this isn't your grandmother's mystery. It's part of a new breed that includes more sexual steam and a greater emphasis on the romance.

I love Ellie! She's a fantastic character and I would love to step into her shoes for a day – especially a day when she gets all hot and heavy with the super sexy Detective Sam Ryder! I think women will identify with her attitude and fall in love with her upbeat, spunky personality. I sure did!

Detective Ryder is the hero I love to root for. He's a man who's been hurt in the past and is afraid of being hurt again. But, you know he'd be there to rescue you in a pinch and he loves his job even if it's not glamorous. What I found refreshing were the cute insights into the lighter side of his character such as his refusal to obey parking restrictions and bribing his officer buddy to lose the tickets. I love that he's an officer of the law who likes to work around it sometimes.

The addition of the premise that Ellie can speak to animals is done with expert skill. You never feel that it’s annoying or too much to believe. Judi makes you believe it! I can envision my own dogs making the same comments to me and having the same conversations with other dogs. It helps that Judi doesn't make the rest of her world unbelievable. That makes the dogs talking an extraordinary thing in a normal world and gets the reader to more easily accept the idea of talking canines.

I loved this book and think you will too. Beyond the good story, is terrific writing that makes it easy to fall in love with the characters and want to come back to them again and again. I guess it’s a good thing that Judi's second book in the series comes out later this year!

Enter for a chance to win an autographed copy of Hounding the Pavement! Just leave a comment telling me what you think your dog would say to you if he could talk, or why you love romantic mysteries! I'll draw randomly from all the comments on Friday the 29th!

This giveaway copy was happily purchased with all of Judi's royalties from the book going to benefit the Best Friends Animal Society. Support Best Friends and get a terrific book in the process by puchasing Hounding the Pavement today!

Seriously...Harlequin Goes Comic

Did you know that Harlequin publishes versions of its romance books as digital comics in Japan and China?

Neither did I, but they do! How cool is that? Your favorite hero and heroine have their own comic overseas - there are actual faces put to the characters you've only visualized in your mind. And how fantastic is it that Harlequin is making sure to bring romance novels to an audience in the format they prefer. Big applause for Harlequin!

Here's a quote from a recent Harlequin press release:

"Reading novels and comics on mobile phones is a way of life," said Belinda Hobbs, Vice President, Harlequin Asia. "As Harlequin celebrates 60 years of pure reading pleasure we are thrilled to be able to bring digital comics based on the original English novel to a new audience. This reflects both the world-wide appeal of our editorial and Harlequin's focus on providing entertaining reading to women via innovative new channels and formats."
Way to go on spreading the romance book love Harlequin!

Chat with Fantastic Author (and all-around super cool lady) Judi McCoy

One of my personal favorite authors, the lovely Mrs. Judi McCoy, is chatting it up at the Romance Writer's Revenge today. I have a review of her latest book, Hounding the Pavement that I'll be posting on Monday but you can have at her today over at the Revenge!

She's open to answering any questions about her books, the writing process and/or anything that strikes your fancy! Go check out her guest blog and ask her your best questions!

Audio Lovin': Review of Naughty Neighbor by Janet Evanovich

Naughty Neighbor
Written By Janet Evanovich
Read by C.J. Critt
Harper Audio
3 Heart Review

I had one major problem (and a few small ones, but more about those later) with this audio book – it was over much too soon! The story is on the shorter side, and I felt these characters had so much more to say and I wanted to get to know them more!

Here's the description from the audio case:

Louisa Brannigan's neighbor is a handsome hell-raiser – and he's driving Louisa crazy. He makes terrible coffee, steals her newspaper, and listens through her walls. But when she's fired from her government job, Louisa is persuaded to join his undercover investigation. Sneaking around in the shadows is more fun than she ever imagined, especially when the getaway car is a Porsche.

Pete Streeter never figured on finding such an attractive partner in crime. Louisa is all he ever wanted in a woman, and more. But once he's taught her to enjoy living on the edge, will she finally feel safe in his love?
This quirky little story really tickled me and I didn't expect that since my initial impression was that this might be a random audio miss. The voice of C.J. Critt immediately felt off to me. It seemed more mature and slightly gruffer than what the story seemed to call for. BUT, Critt is an excellent performer and her enthusiasm and comedic timing will eventually make you forget that her voice isn't exactly matching the heroine's personality. Kudos to Critt for making the characters come alive so well.

I found myself pleasantly surprised as the characters grew on me. Again, part of that was due to the enthusiasm of Critt, but mostly it was the appeal of the characters as Evanovich expertly unveils them. I was particularly drawn to Pete Streeter and his unpretentious attitude and easygoing banter with Louisa. Having the hero fall hard first makes for a nice change, and Pete really puts his heart out there early. Gotta love a man not afraid to commit!

Louisa was a little less developed, so I didn't feel nearly as drawn to her. Still likable, but she could have used more background or some deeper insight into why she valued her independence so much that she was almost willing to let Pete walk away. That felt a little forced to me and I didn't fully see it fitting into the personality that had been painted of her. Otherwise, she was delightful and so was the story.

All in all, this is a cute little audio book that showcases some great work by Critt and by Evanovich. If you are anything like me though, you'll want more substance to the story so you can hang out with Louisa and Pete for a little while longer.

Vote for Your Favorite Romance Covers of 2008

The ladies over at Cover CafĂ© are doing it again! It’s time to vote for the best and worst romance book covers of 2008! The nominees are amazing – Definitely eye candy!

Click here to go to the voting website. While you’re there, check out how you can nominate your favorite covers from this year for the contest in 2009!

I've provided one of my favorite covers from 2008 here for your viewing pleasure!

CHEEKY REVIEW: Vexing the Viscount by Emily Bryan

Vexing the Viscount
By Emily Bryan
Leisure Historical Romance
Dorchester Publishing
5 Heart Review

Sign me up for everything Emily Bryan ever writes! With this post, Cheeky Reads officially awards it's very first 5 Heart Review to Vexing the Viscount by the very talented Mrs. Emily Bryan!

Read the back cover copy:

As children they'd sparred with play swords. She's scarred his chin, and he broke her heart. Now, more than a decade later, the true battle was only beginning...

Daisy Drake needed Lucian Beaumont, Viscount Rutland. Tired of being labeled “on the shelf,” she craved adventure. And Lucian held all the clues to a long-buried Roman treasure. Surely, her desire to join his search had nothing to do with his dark curls and seductive Italian accent. Too bad Lucian wanted no help from her – until she donned the disguise of an infamous French courtesan and promised to teach him all she knew about the pleasures of the bedchamber. Of course, she only knew what had been written in naughty books. But Daisy had always been a quick learner. And night by naked night, they'd discover treasure neither expected to find.
From the very first page Mrs. Bryan grabbed my imagination and took it on a sassy, seductive ride. Daisy is everything I love in a historical heroine – smart, adventurous, quick-witted and most of all, she goes after what she wants!

Our hero Lucian will steal your heart with his underdog status, inexperience and endearing personality. His interactions with Daisy/Blanche will make you giggle out loud while you root for him to keep her on her toes.

This book started off with a perfect first meeting between the two and then never lets up. The pacing was excellent and the sparring between Daisy and Lucian is delightful. The story never dragged, and the ending left me with the perfect combination of feelings - amused, satisfied, light-hearted and happy.

I'll be purchasing Mrs. Bryan's entire backlist and will be the first in line for any new releases! Check out Emily's Blog, website and the supercool additional blog she writes at the Chantelaines.

Do you enjoy Historical Romances? You already know I love my heroines cheeky, but what about you? What kind of heroine do you love to read about?

Drum Roll Please...Winners of the RT Convention Contest

I'm glad everyone enjoyed the posts from the Romantic Times Convention! I learned a lot about what kind of photos I wish I had taken and next year I will definitely work in some video!
Now, for the fun part!

The winner of a $25 Borders Gift Card & Swag is: Penney

The winner of a collection of books and Swag from the RT Convention is: Pams00

Congrats ladies! Just send me your full name and snail mail address to cheekyreads @ (without the spaces).

True Romance: Borders May Romance Picks from Sue Grimshaw

Check out this neat video on Borders True Romance. Sue Grimshaw walks you through a Borders store and talks to you about her picks for books to add to your TBR pile!

It's a neat way to learn about the newest releases and since I happen to love my local Borders I don't mind giving them some shameless pimping!

Enjoy, and I hope you find something new!

Winners of Rogue Contest

The winners of a free copy of Rogue by Cheryl Brooks are...

Heather D

I really appreciated everyone's input on how I can work to make the blog even more appealing, so I decided I would send everyone a copy of Cheryl's book! Thank you again and I hope you enjoy the read. :)

Send me an email with your full name and snail mail address to cheekyreads @ (without the spaces) and I'll get your book in the mail to you next week.


I Want It Wednesday: Win a Copy of Rogue by Cheryl Brooks

Today I'm giving away two copies of Rogue by Cheryl Brooks! Rouge is the third book in Cheryl's Car Star Chronicles and is a super steamy paranormal romance! Check out the description of the book:

He crawled toward me on his hands and knees like a tiger stalking his prey.

No woman has ever tamed him before...
Enslaved for years, Tychar belongs to the Queen of Darconia. His feline gene gives him remarkable sexual powers and every female on the planet is in love with him. Then, the Queen gives him to Kyra...

Does she even stand a chance?
Or will she be just another one of his conquests? Why would he choose the modest piano teacher? Yet the two are drawn to each other with a powerful, magnetic attraction unlike any he's felt before... Then the palace is attacked in a coup, and Tychar has to choose between freedom and love...

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment letting me know what you would like to see more of on this blog or if there is something I don't normally include that you'd like to see added! Feel free to give me any input so I can make this blog better for everyone!

I'll pick two random winners on Friday the 15th. Good Luck!

Win a HUGE Boatload of Books from Sourebooks Casablanca at AAR!!!!

All About Romance is having a fantastic contest where you can win some fantastic reads from Sourcebooks Casablanca authors. All you have to do is check out the site and leave a comment about your favorite small press!

Get over there and win some books!

Audio Lovin': Review of 16 Lighthouse Road By Debbie Macomber

16 Lighthouse Road

16 Lighthouse Road Audio Book
By Debbie Macomber
Ready by: Sandra Burr
Brilliance Audio

I will admit I'm a latecomer to Debbie Macomber and her Cedar Cove stories. I was lucky enough to pick one up to read on our community loaner library shelf, and I discovered a writer with a sweetly sentimental contemporary voice. When I'm in the mood for a straightforward romance with warm feelings of home, I now reach for one of Debbie's books.

16 Lighthouse Road is my first foray into the lives of Judge Olivia, her mother Charlotte, and her selection of friends and family. I was very happy with the audio recording and the voice work done by Sandra Burr and the story was everything you should expect from Debbie.

The character Olivia is very interesting and as the story goes on you want to see more and more into her past and her future. I really connected with Olivia and was rooting for her relationship with local newspaper editor Jack to take off. Olivia's mother Charlotte adds just the right mix of humor to lighten the mood when the darker parts of the story threaten to take over.

The story of Cecilia and Ian Randall was both satisfying and slightly annoying to me. At times I felt so sorry for them, and at other, I wanted to yell at them just to sit down and talk and they might be able to work things out. I thought their romance was naively sweet and their hardships make their miscommunication understandable. Even so, I just wanted them to listen to each other!

The side story of Grace and her husband was surprising and that's why I loved it. Today i'll check out Debbie's Website to see if Grace has her own story since her story as the most compelling to me. I really want to know what happens to her and her husband.

Fans of Debbie and sweet contemporaries, will love 16 Lighthouse Road. With great characters, a very personal and memorable setting and great writing, this book will satisfy your need for a charming romance.

Brenda Novak's Auction for Diabetes Research

May 1st saw the launch of the 5th Annual Brenda Novak Online Auction for Diabetes Research and I'm so happy to promote this event. The goal this year is to raise $300,000 and as of yesterday, the auction proceeds were up to 92,500 after just 5 days! GREAT JOB!

There are so many awesome items at the auction for every price range and new stuff is getting added every day!

On a personal note, I lost my mother a little over a year ago. She battled diabetes for over 20 years and it played a major role in her passing away. I ask that if you are touched my diabetes in your life, that you check out this awesome auction and bid!

The money raised this year will go to the Diabetes Research Institute at the University of Miami. By bidding you will not only win some exciting and unique items and/or opportunities, you'll be supporting a very worthy research-based organization. To find out more about the Diabetes Research Institute, visit their website at

RT Convention: More Fun Photos

I'm finally feeling more into the swing of things, so I wanted to post a few more photos from the RT Convention. Everyone was fantastic and I made some amazing new friends. I would definitely recommend RT to any aspiring author and for readers who love romance!

Check out some more fun shots from RT below and don't forget every comment enters you to win a $25 gift card or load of goodies!

I've already blogged about how inspirational Heather Graham was when she stopped by our aspiring authors workshop, but you have to know that she is a very friendly and talented lady! Not only did she sing and perform at multiple events - including her fantastic Vampire Ball - but she was always gracious and took time to speak with many fans and writers. It was such a pleasure to meet her. Check out Heather's Website here.

I cannot tell you how much I love Judi McCoy! I won't go on and on, but not only is she a great teacher, but she's also a very special woman who gives so much of herself! Please check out Judi's latest release, Hounding the Pavement and buy a copy - all the proceeds from the book go to the Best Friends Animal Society. Get all the details about Judi's new Dogwalker Mysteries at

Next to Judi in the photo is romance author Amanda McIntyre. I know I keep saying this, but Amanda was so nice and willing to talk to fans and authors! We had a lovely conversation about traveling and I just had to buy her book The Diary of Cozette! The cover is gorgeous! Check it out at

Traci Hall was one of the super awesome ladies I befriended at the conference. Such a sweet heart, Traci writes both a young adult series and adult romances. Check out her website at

I also met Karen Kendall who currently writes a fantastic romantic suspense series called ARTemis. If you like your romance suspenseful with a bit of glamour and danger, then check out Karen's website at

I want to say a very special thank you to author Susan Yarina for being so wonderful to me during the conference. Her input on my work in progress was beyond helpful and she is a delight. Check out Susan's website at

I met so many more remarkable authors and ladies at the event that I can't list them all! I'm hoping to have them stop by Cheeky Reads soon and talk about their latest releases and what else they are up to.

Don't forget to leave your comments to enter to win some fantastic prizes! Every comment is an entry!